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As most of the small quantity promotional gifts are for a certain coming event. Thus many orders need quick production and swift delivery. We launch the 15-days Urgent Orders Plan to enhance your events!

Delivery Time

Delivery time. 15 days means time between the day we received your payment and the day the goods reach your door.[1] And everything listed in following confirmations before production must be confirmed before 15 days start counts.


Normally there will be 20% extra based on our open price on product page. But need our further confirmation for specific region.

Express freight. Already included in open price list.

Payment Term

Payment Terms. T/T in advance. Usually there will be 2 business days for us to receive payment from main big USA and Euro banks. And 2-5 business days from South America and Africa. So make sure you made payment 2-3/2-5 business days before 15 days counts. And make sure use SWIFT. We can also accept paypal for small orders to speed up payment.

Confirmations Before Production

  1. Barrel color.
  2. Ink color. Black or blue? (Or red, if you prefer)
  3. No logos on clip or barrel. This is to fasten production. As the barrel is transparent logo on paper banner will show clearly even the banner is not slided out.
  4. Which one is the face side of your artwork. If your artwork printed on paper banner is vertical, specify which side is close to pen barrel when the paper banner is pull out.
  5. Your detailed address to deliver pull out pens to. Post code, Telephone number, contact person.


  1. 15 days is only limited to main big cities with good traffic situation. For outlaying delivery addresses (especially for delivery addresses within Africa, South America, East Euro), it might take 2 or several more days based on common express deliery experience like Fedex/DHL/TNT/EMS/UPS.
    Normal weekends of Staturday and Sunday are included. But Legal holidays are not included in 15 days. Some other exceptions are
    Force Majeure, include but not limited to flood, fire, truck/air plane crash.
    Unexpected express delivery company delay.
    Unable to delivery goods due to absent of receiver.
    Excluding of legal holidays are two/three parts
    1. During production time, exceptions are only valid to legal holidays of manufacturing factory location in China. So that will be Chinese legal holidays, such as Chinese New Year Holidays, National Holidays, Dragon Boat Festivals are not included in delivery time.
    2. After goods are sent and left China, then those excluding legal holidays are valid for the location of goods where it is located during trans-shipment, if there's a trans-shipment. (This normal for Euro delivery address; For USA/CA address, it's direct shipment)
    3. And finally, when goods are at local hub and are about to deliver to your door, then those exceptions are subject to your local legal holidays.
    Act of God, include but not limited to violent winds, floods, fire; Severe weather conditions during delivery.
    That is same for 15-days Urgent Orders. So if you need the goods urgently, you'd better Contact Us.